Collar & Cuff Press

Collar & Cuff Press

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Collar & Cuff Press

Dry Clean Mushroom Press

Ergonomic Design

All Ramsons presses require two button operation to close the press for operator hand safety. The presses are also provided with an emergency off switch again for operator safety. The presses are provided with foot switches when required for the commencement of vaccum/injection of steam or opening of buck according to programme/model.

Fine Finish

The upper buck for the laundry presses consists of a complete stainless steel head which effectively transfers the heat at precisely the right amount of pressure uniformly throughout the garment. The dry cleaning presses consists of a padded head that prevents any shine to develop on the garment. Different types of presses as illustrated are for different types of garment like shirts, trousers, and for general pressing in all laundry requirements.