Laser Tex Machine

Laser Tex Machine

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Laser Tex Machine (72)


  • 6,000 million jeans are manufactured every year and laser usage is rapidly growing in the denim jeans manufacturing industry worldwide. Today 20% of all finishing process is covered by laser.
  • The biggest and most important brands insist that their manufacturers be environmentally sustainable and committed to responsible production.
  • Macsa has been developing laser systems since 1990 and continues to invest 8% of its revenues in research and development.
  • LaserTex, by Macsa, is a state of the art laser system which allows textile finishers to give their denim, leather and other apparel the very latest look in fashion design.
  • Developed for seamless integration into turnkey textile marking stations, it provides a push-button solution for decorating, marking and cutting of a wide range of fashion materials to meet the latest market requirements in the ever changing design trends.
  • Modular station design to increase production based on your future needs.
  • Available with very good features of conveyor belt design + single or double head depends on production rate.