Veit Fusing Machine

Veit Fusing Machine

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Veit Fusing Machine (Fx Diamond)

  • Optimal fusing results thanks to exact temperature control directly at the belt
  • Consistent fusing results due to consistent pressure over the entire operating width
  • Optimal adjustment of pressure system (soft, medium) and heating sequence (top, bottom) to the materials to be processed
  • Perfectly designed service concept allows easy and regular cleaning of machine
  • Lowest possible energy consumption due to: separate feeding belt, no cooling of transport belt outside of machine complete encapsulation of heating units for extremely low heat loss decoupling of heating zones from machine frame
  • Separate feeding belt, no cooling of transport belt outside of machine
  • Easy operating with new 7'' colour touch display
  • Reduced wear and tear of belt edge through contact-free belt detection
  • Prevention of faulty fusing through start/stop function in the event of a diversion from pre-set fusing parameters. This allows the operator to step in
  • Consistent fusing quality due to optimized cleaning of the belts both on the inner and the outer side. Consequently, major reduction in soiling of roller and fusing material